At Pools Geek, we enjoy trying new ways to ease our Swimming Pool Maintenance. As Pool Supplies are scarce, we want to control the way we spread it. That’s what Floating chlorine dispensers do for us!

Do Floating Chlorine Dispensers work?

All the Chlorinators listed on this shop are safe. The Chlorine tablets dissolve very slowly, and usually cause no problem when left alone in the pool. For premium models like the EcOTAB, you can load small or large tablets, and as many as 3 at a time, so that you won’t have to be worry about checking the chlorinator. Premium models both automatic pool chemical monitor and dispensers. They’re allying the ease of a simple pool Chlorine dispenser with the brain of a Smart Pool App.

In the past, the old Floating Chlorine dispensers could sometimes get caught in one location and dispense too much chlorine in a concentrated area, harming the color and even damaging your pool liner. They were also passive, dispensing chlorine unevenly without flowing water passing over them as part of your pool’s water circulation. Thanks to the progress in Smart Technology, they are now way more effective.


Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Bestway Float 16.5cm on ManoMano UK


Automatic Pool Chemical Monitor and Dispenser

EcOtab 2021 – Smart Chlorine Feeder – Automatic Pool Chlorinator